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Thread: What vest works for you?

  1. Default What vest works for you?

    What vest do you guys like to wear? The traditional ones or the vest packs? I went back to a traditional but am back to eyeing a vest pack again. Not being a thin and trim person, I found the vest pack I had (William Joseph) to add to my already large chest size and felt uncomfortable. (Probably more mental) I wear a lanyard and if fishing near or fairly close to my vehicle, I often go without my vest. Fishing the Madison allows that alot. I have been checking out the Pishpond lineup but just haven't commited. What have you liked or experienced?

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    The Fishpond Open Range Tech Vest is a kick butt vest. I recently got one for myself and I really like it. Great material, lightweight, plenty of pockets and two built in fly boxes. It looks good too. I have this vest for long days when my needs may vary. For small streams and short days, I just use the Loon Outdoors Maxi Bandolero. The Bandolero is one of those over the shoulder type chest packs. Its very comfortable, easy on and off, has a built in fly box and carries just enough stuff for a sort day on a small stream. William Joseph, Fishpond and Clear Creek also makes several nice chest packs... I just haven't personally tried them yet.

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    Hard to say, I've been using mostly a fanny pack here lately, but I can get away with that because my bass/panfish outings don't require nearly the variety of tackle that trout fishing does. I've got both a vest (patagucci reinvest) and a chest pack (WJ gear bag chest) tha I like very well. I use a hydration bladder with the chest pack and find that does save me time and fumbling while on the stream. It will hold almost as much stuff as my vest and doesn't shift around nearly as much. On warm days the chest pack keeps me a little cooler too. Not looking to part with the vest, but it probably has some dust on it right now.

    One benefit of a chest pack that I never hear anybody mention comes in to play when nature calls. You know the drill, you waddle over to the side of the stream after having let your bladder fill to painful proportions while making 30+ casts to the big one that is ignoring all offerings. You get there and find a place to lean the rod and a branch to hang your wader belt from while you attempt to not sprinkle on your expensive waders. With a chest pack, you just lace the belt through one of the shoulder straps and you've saved a step.

    If I can just find a way to secure the rod while mid-stream, maybe I can gain revenge on the fish...

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    I found a Fishpond Open Range Tech Vest on Ebay for $75 and bought it. Supposed to be like new. Looking forward to trying it out. Thanks for all the input!!

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    I have tried about every single pack I have found and the best one I have found for me is a chest pack from Walmart. $15 and I absolutely love this thing.
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    Default Re: What vest works for you?

    I guess it can all be boiled own to this.

    If you want the most convenient and smallest thing possible, you're best off with a small chest pack.

    If you want a pack that will hold lots of gear, has lots of features, and not shift around too much, you're best off with one of the better chest packs out there.

    You want something more traditional that will hold plenty of stuff and will add some warmth, there are lots of vests out there that will serve you well.

    You want a vest that will hold everything and the kitchen sink, ride well, and do well in all weather, you're into expensive vest territory there.

    You want the coolest (meaning temperature comfort) thing possible that will hold plenty, I think a fanny/waist/hip/belt pack is the way to go.

    Cooler still but with less stuff, a lanyard.

    And if you want a pack that will give you the option of either a good chest pack or a front-and-back pack that will carry alot of gear (rainjacket, extra fleece, lunch, whatever) the Fishpond pack that carries will likely be hard to beat.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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