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fishosopher 12-05-2008 03:49 PM

Small, flat floatant paste
I have a small, light fly fishing outfit. So light that I can throw it in my day pack without thinking anything about it. And if I come across a small pond or feeder creek, well...

I need a very small container of floatant that I can put in the fly box that I've rigged to hold all my tackle. All the squeezable containers, like eye drop containers, are too thick. I remember seeing small, round containers with paste fly floatant, but can't seem to find them.

Any leads?

fyshstykr 12-05-2008 06:09 PM

Re: Small, flat floatant paste
Hi Gator,
I'm not sure that I've seen the type you mentioned, but I have heard(on this site I believe)that you can use 'Chapstick' for floatant if your in a pinch, and that would fit in your box.

**Wait a minute, I just reread your post and I misunderstood what you were asking, I thought you meant small round containers such as those that Chapstick come in.
Anyway, I think 'Gink' floatant comes in a round container in a paste formulation, along with a squeeze type bottle.

fyshstykr 12-05-2008 06:28 PM

Re: Small, flat floatant paste
Ok, well maybe it doesn't come in the small round containers anymore, I just looked through all my F/F links and could not find any either. Sorry.

Jackster 12-05-2008 07:48 PM

Re: Small, flat floatant paste
Dave's floatant comes in a squooshed-looking container that uses the same cap system most of the other floatants use.

ezamora 12-06-2008 05:03 PM

Re: Small, flat floatant paste
are you talking about cortland's DAB gel floatant? orvis used to sell it in the same orange disc-like container. type in cortland dab floatant in your favorite search engine.

if you're trying to save weight, try frogs fanny. it'll help lighten your wallet too.

fresno, ca.

fyshstykr 12-07-2008 06:51 PM

Re: Small, flat floatant paste
The Cortland 'Dab' floatant is one that I had seen many moons ago.

Well I went Shopping this afternoon with the wife @ the local mall and guess what I spied? it was a bright Orange container of Cortland Floatant, I thought about getting it for you but someone had stuck their finger in it so I didn't get it, and it was the only one that I seen.

If your interested and cannot find any, I would be willing to drive to town and get that one for you if you want it.

Jimmie 12-08-2008 10:47 AM

Re: Small, flat floatant paste
This Loon floatant still comes in one of the small round containers. I just got some a couple of weeks ago. There are still a number of online places that have it.

fishosopher 12-08-2008 11:57 AM

Re: Small, flat floatant paste
Thanks to everyone who took an interest in my "little" project. I found the Cortland Dab Floatant on the internet and ordered it.

Happy holidays and tight lines.

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