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    Default Anyone use "Cocoons Pro Series" sun glasses?

    I'm in need of a good pair of polarized sunglasses to go over my perscription glasses. Thinking about the Cocoons Pro Series with copper colored lenses.
    Anyone have any experience with these?

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    Default Re: Anyone use "Cocoons Pro Series" sun glasses?

    I had the standard series Aviator frames with the copper polarized lens. Unfortunately I misplaced them. They were comfortable. The lens quality is good, but optical clarity is not as good as higher end polarized sunglasses.

    I will probably get another set before next spring's allergy season when I can't wear my contact lenses.


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    I got a pair recently and like them very much. Before that I used clip on Coccoons. They sucked.

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    Thumbs up Re: Anyone use "Cocoons Pro Series" sun glasses?

    Have used Cocoons for a few years and like them. Don't wear glasses so I don't need them over RX lens and find them very comfortable. One of my "must" requirements is full wrap around, they certainly qualify in that respect. As MP says, lens quality isn't as good as some of the $$$ examples, but adequate. Price is right.

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    Default Re: Anyone use "Cocoons Pro Series" sun glasses?

    Hi vanceinak,

    I have tried several different sizes of the Cocoons and just don't like them. I wear heavy prescription glasses and I don't like the extra bulk and weight of the Cocoons. Lots of people like them so it may just be a personal dislike. I am speaking about the type of Cocoons that fit over regular glasses in case there is a different type.


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