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Thread: I need a gear bag

  1. Default I need a gear bag

    Anyone got any recommendations for large gear bags that can hold 3-4 4 piece rods, waders, boots, vest, clothing etc?

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    Default Re: I need a gear bag

    Are you looking to transport your gear for a week's travel, or do you want something for daytripping?

    The Sage DXL Rolling Duffel is popular with the destination travel crowd. A lot of my friends have this. My only negative is that the tube for a 4 piece 9'6" or 10' rod will have to be placed diagonally.

    For daytripping or car travel, I would use a wader and gear bag and a multiple rod tube. At least with the tubes, you can find them sized. A 33" long tube will fit 4 piece rods up to 10' in length. Sage makes one with a 4" diameter. That will cover your rods. I am sure that Fishpond has something, too.

    As for wader and gear bags, Simms, Fishpond, Sage and a few other brands have them.


    edit: The back of my Outback is my luggage. Reels, accessories, and extra clothing get stuffed into a Mountainsmith messenger bag. Waders, boots, and rod tubes get scattered. I think that I need some organization, too. For long travel, I have an old G Loomis rolling duffel that has four built in rod tubes. I used to do everything with an extra large North Face expedition duffel.

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    Default Re: I need a gear bag

    I use a Columbia Sportswear bag.

    Bullshark PFG duffle

    It is a great bag. Holds my waders, wading boots, jacket, extra soles for boots, fly boxs and other assorted items. Plus, there are velcro loops on the front for securing a rod case.

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    I just picked up a used Rebok hockey gear bag at a used stuff store for $10. It's huge an holds everything I have including my small backpack my big net and rod tubes. Here's a picture from the web of the bag.

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    Default Re: I need a gear bag

    I got this one at my local Army Surplus, and couldn't be happier with it.
    Buy Military Style Canvas Olive Gear Bag at Army Surplus World
    No fancy pockets or chambers inside. It gets the job done for me. Go with the largest one.

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    Since you did not stipulate any budget constraints...I'd say the Fishpond
    Trailhead rolling bag. Capt. Mark Boname is a good guy to deal with as well.
    Fishpond Trailhead Rolling Rod/Gear Bag

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    Default Re: I need a gear bag

    Hi kfisher99,

    Where are you going to be using it? If you want to fly to a bush location in a single engine airplane the big bags that carry everything are a pain. Their are hard to load and unload and some planes don't have room for them. I prefer to have two or three bags rather than one huge one. A smaller wheeled bag, or no wheels, for big stuff, a second bag for clothes and a third for reels, flies and other fishing stuff.


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