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Thread: Simms Freestone

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    Does anyone have any experience with Simms Freestone Waders? I am thinking about buying a pair for a back up because they are on sale at a fly shop near me. Any Tips on durability and overall preformance would be awesome.


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    My brother in-law called me and told me about the sale also, I am guess at any store that carries Simms. Making room for the new models.
    I work the Freestone at the lodge. I liked them cause they are a light weight very comfortable wader. Seems the legs are a little thinner which I liked. They hold up fantastic!
    Thumbs up from me.

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    and also, With thermals on, will i be okay wading in these during the winter?
    The water where I fish typically will not drop below 45 degrees or so.

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    I think they do. I wear Body Armour but if real cold I wear Fleece Bibs over the BA. They block the wind, which is the real problem .......45! That's warm, LOL

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    I also picked up some Freestones, at a very nice sale price, a few months ago. June I believe. I've worked them pretty hard this fall and have been very happy with them. Definitely will stay with Simms down the road.

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    Joni...Lol, 45 is pretty warm, but I live in Kansas...uggh..worst trout state in the U.S. declared by me. I drive to southern missouri to fish the springs that flow there. Since the water is around 50 coming out of the springs, give or take 5 degrees during the summer and winter do to the air temps down river from the stream

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joni View Post
    45! That's warm, LOL
    This ole southern boy here would beg to disagree.....

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    Our rivers run in the 30's weather, well in the teens for the next few nights. Maybe, single digits.

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    45 is a good temperature for Huge Browns. Some brown trout in missouri can reach 40 pounds...AH biggest is 7 pounds. The place were going to fish this weekend has a 15 pound brown as a record.

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    So get busy.....find that PIG! How kewl would that be!

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