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    Default Re: Need and utility of wading staffs

    I bought a Folstaf from L.L. Bean several years ago for a trip to the Big Hole River. It folds very compact and fits in a sheath that's attached to my wading belt. It's just like any other tool, you may not always need it but it's there when you do. My fishing buddy said "cute staff" when I wore it for the first time.

    Several days later, while crossing a tricky part of the river, he watched me cross with relative ease so he followed me. At about the mid-point of the crossing, his eyes started to get rather wide and his face kind of tightened up as he realized that he was in trouble. He had grabbed a stick from the shore that he was going to use to cross but didn't plan on the lack of "bite" the stick would have on the bottom of the river. I was able to toss my staff to him and he couldn't believe the difference. "Holy ***, that was close" he said. That same day, we drove to Twin Bridges (or Dillon) so he could buy one at the fly shop (for top dollar!!!!!).

    He doesn't fish without it now

    +1 for what dillon said, the size is very important.

    Here is a link to the site and a sizing chart;

    Fly-fishing accessories, Folstaf wading staff, Volkstaf and Travlr hiking and walking staffs by Fly-Tyers Carry-All

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    Default Re: Need and utility of wading staffs

    I have used one for decades. Mostly ski poles. They not only help in balance over fast flows and snot rocks, they are useful on slower, colored water to probe ahead for holes, snags etc. especially when crossing unfamiliar waters. They of course also have uses in the walks-in-and-out over uneven ground and steep spots.

    Now that my knees are bad at 76 I use one all the time outside the home too but now I use a trekking pole with removable rubber tip. Never got used to canes.


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    Default Re: Need and utility of wading staffs

    I use a hiking staff that doesn't readily fold up. I use one of those magnetic net holders to keep it on me when not is use. The safety lanyard keeps the river from stealing from me. I fish mostly freestone streams so I use it a lot.

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    Default Re: Need and utility of wading staffs

    Quote Originally Posted by planettrout View Post
    ^^^^^ What PT said.

    You only need to buy it once.

    With the Folstaf, I can deploy it when needed. Otherwise it is on my hip.

    The folks at Folstaf will repair and rehabilitate it and get it back to you within one week of it's arrival. I have had my original Folstaff for 35+ years and it had a new bungee cord and the tip section replaced.

    Buy the thicker 3/4" version.


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    Default Re: Need and utility of wading staffs

    No affiliation with these folks other than buying my folstaff from them. If you're going to buy one,they have the best price I've found.

    Folstaf Wading Order - Hiking Staffs, Walking Staffs, Trekking Poles from Rocky Mountain Amblers

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    Default Re: Need and utility of wading staffs

    Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I have ALWAYS carried a wading staff, starting in my 20's as a guide. Some of the water we wade fished back then would have been challenging in a raft, it was deep and fast, and we routinely were in near chest deep wading conditions- rarely did I not have water level stain marks on my vest above the lower pockets. I thought at first acquisition that it was merely a smart move for safety and convenience of clients, then I began using it myself and it became a regular accessory. It has saved my butt on more than one occasion, not just from falling but as a tool to upright yourself once you are in the drink and saturated,and, to keep from finding the next mine shaft sink hole the hard way. I guess even in my 20's I wasn't too cool to fish without one, and no experienced angler would have a negative retort, even back then they understood the value. Shy of fishing in my pre and early 20's, or on small knee deep creeks, there has never been an occasion in the last 35 years or so that I have not carried a staff in my standard inventory. I actually have a couple, which most have already been mentioned here, and I highly advocate their usage.

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    Default Re: Need and utility of wading staffs

    I think you would be foolish not to get one. They have saved my but many times. I had an Orvis one that looks a lot like the Folstaff. I always seem to loses the tips. I got a used fishpond staff for 25 bucks. I like it better than the Orvis. It’s lighter but just as strong and it has a rubber tip. It’s easier to fold up. But to be honest I just have it tethered to my waist. Once I feel the need to unfold it I just let it float in the water next to me and grab it when I need it. It also helps navigating boulders on the side of the stream and going up and down hills to down to the water and back up. To me it’s an essential tool. I am in my 50’s. Get one. It could save your life.

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    Default Re: Need and utility of wading staffs

    Quote Originally Posted by gpwhitejr View Post
    I use a ski pole. It doesn't collapse, but I clip it to my belt with a carabiner and it really doesn't get in the way.
    A friend I fish with used a beaver stick for a year or two and then decided to upgrade to a ski pole. They work fine. I think I would eventually trip over it and swim, When not activly wading or moving around I like to collapes my staff.



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    IMHO if you are thinking "maybe I may need a wading staff". It is time to purchase and use one. At 75 y.o. I know that a staff has made my wading much more comfortable. Adios Philip

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    Default Re: Need and utility of wading staffs

    Saturday is my first trip with a FF club I just joined (weather permitting). Part of my prep was to sew and tape and semi-reconfigure my low buck wading staff holster that I got at Sportsman's Warehouse. Also waxed the joints on the staff. I'm going to find some plastic and borrow the design of the Folstaff holster. I figured out I needed a staff when I found myself using my shooting sticks in lieu of when I was deer hunting. I have two ski poles I bought years ago and never used. Now I bring them along for spares in case someone else needs one.

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