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    Default Wading boots: Simms fly weight vs orvis ultralight

    Looking for a comparison of the two or just any information on the simms.

    I mostly fish small creeks and favour mobility over protection.

    Unfortunately I can not try before I buy.

    I know I am a size 11 in simms but appreciate that orvis had an ultralight boot first and is cheaper.

    Thanks for any help

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    Default Re: Wading boots: Simms fly weight vs orvis ultralight

    $30 isn't much difference especially considering the reputation of Simms' boots. That said when I first saw the Flyweight I thought the tread looked thin at the expense of durability. Both boots are Vibram but I would want to know the Simms will last before plunking $199 for a flyweight wading boot.

    I have a cycling background and often lightweight doesn't mean durable. You can pay 3-4 times for a carbon handlebar but get 90% of the performance from aluminum which is a few grams heavier. That said CF is a wonder material but e.g. the sole of a cycling shoe can wear fast and I think wading boots even more. So do your research and make sure the Simms has a beefy enough tread.

    What waders do you wear? I might also let that factor in my decision.

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    Default Re: Wading boots: Simms fly weight vs orvis ultralight

    I am also interested in a comparison of these 2 boots. I do a lot of wet wading with hiking involved in the summer and prefer a boot over a sandal or a shoe. I did find a video review on the Orvis boot by a woman who use them for a season of wet wading. If you do a search I am sure you could find it.

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    Default Re: Wading boots: Simms fly weight vs orvis ultralight

    I’m also very curious about the difference between these two boots. There is also the Patagonia Ultralight Wading boots too but they are heavier and they don’t look as quick drying to me. I agree with hollisd that the Simms Flyweight tread looks very thin. The tread doesn’t seem anywhere near as capable as the one on the Orvis boot. I think that alone may push me to the Orvis.

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