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  1. Default loop backpack/vest

    Hi, has anyone used one of these? Any reviews?

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    Default Re: loop backpack/vest

    Quote Originally Posted by featherlite View Post
    Hi, has anyone used one of these? Any reviews?
    Not sure what you're referring to. Can you post a picture, or at least a URL to one?
    On the whole, I'd rather be in Wyoming . . .

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    Default Re: loop backpack/vest

    Do you mean this?

    Fly Vest ??? LOOP Fly Tackle & Adventures ???

    My friend has one. I personally do not like vests but I think Patagonia makes a better vest.

  4. Default Re: loop backpack/vest

    Hi Guys, thanks for your posts. The one I am referring to is this one - Backpack ??? LOOP Fly Tackle & Adventures ???


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    Loop makes great products....I wouldnt hesitate to buy it.

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