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  1. Default Flambeau Blue Ribbon fly boxes

    I am wanting to know if any of you folks have used the Flambeau Blue Ribbon fly boxes yet? At about 20-30 bucks a box depending on the configuration, are they good to go? Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Flambeau Blue Ribbon fly boxes

    I've been using them for 2 years now and find them very well made. They are very sturdy and waterproof. For my trout flies. I have the medium ones with the ripple foam and compartments. Very satisfied with them.

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    I'm pretty sure that the little fly box that comes with the Dr. Slick lanyard is either a blatant copy or a rebranded Flambeau Blue Ribbon 1916CR. It's tiny. According to the advertisements, it's supposed to be a "day's worth of flies." Yeah, right. I suppose that depends on how good they're biting and how bad you're casting. I keep a few nymphs, some dries, and a few buggers in it.

    I took a look at them at Dick's Sporting goods to do a comparison, and they look identical, and pretty well made. My only critique is that the hinge pin between the sides on all the models I have looked at isn't tacked, glued, or peened in place. It slides out over time, and I can just see myself hunting for that tiny little thing in the current.

    I keep that little box in my truck, with my telescopic 9' 8 wt and automatic reel. It's not a day's worth of flies, and it isn't the greatest fishing setup, but it will work nicely when I'm driving home from work and get an itch to fish. It's also great for backpacking.

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    Thank you gentleman. Looks like I might have pick one up, as the one box I have been using for a while now is on its last legs.

    I have another box that I use to store flies in at home, one of the green metal Orvis "River Runs Threw It" quote boxes that I got as a gift from my parents, and still till this day cant bring myself to take it out of the house.

    Thank you again.

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