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  1. Default Re: Old Town Osprey Canoe, thoughts, suggestions, before we buy

    Beam 36 in. (0.91 m)

    seems to be standard or near almost all the other canoes in this lenght, except some crazy 40"ers and the sportspal models.

    just throwing it out there.

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    Default Re: Old Town Osprey Canoe, thoughts, suggestions, before we buy

    40" and as flat as you can get.

    I say this based on the idea that you intend to fish with the boat. You can go with whatever you want but I would not take my rods and reels in anything that I knew could capsize. The rule of thumb with narrow beams is, 'don't take anything you can't afford to lose' and there is a good reason for that.

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    Default Re: Old Town Osprey Canoe, thoughts, suggestions, before we buy

    I'd have to echo Ard's comment about tippy: I've never paddled an aluminum canoe that wasn't tippy. The extra length of the Camper will help in tracking.
    Shorter canoes do not track as well as longer canoes. I had a 12' canoe years ago, and it was a pain in the butt on lakes. 14' is short for a canoe, and you will feel like you're sitting on top of each other. My wife and I use a 16'6' Bell Canoe Works Northwind, and it's just big enough for the two of us. There's a lot more to canoe design that just length and beam. Take a look at for reviews and design features. I'm fortunate to live an hour away from the largest canoe and kayak dealer in the USA, and they have a pond! They've also allowed me to return canoes within a few days, and that's pretty nice.

    Old Town: I had an Old Town Guide 16, and we used it in the bay when we lived in Ocean City, NJ. It's a very stable canoe, but heavier than you want. I paddled a Camper, and bought an Old Town Charles River. Both oil-canned too much for me. Between the Discovery and the Old Towns, we bought a cheapy Mad River. Its bottom simply popped up, and stayed there until we were out! We didn't have that canoe for long. The Northwind is the finest canoe I've ever paddled, and you'll see that in reviews: stable yet very fast. Tons of room, but still a sleek design. Its only drawback might be that it has an assymetrical hull design, which means there is a definite front and back. I don't know of any serious paddlers that use Old Town canoes, with the possible exception of the Appalachian. Old Town uses its own formulation of Royalex, and it's THIN . Just staring at it hard will creat scratches. We managed to scrape deeply into the Old Town Charles River just loading it onto the car! If you look at the reviews of Paddlenet, we're not alone. The Northwind's hull has been dragged and paddled across some serious stuff, and it looks nearly new. Old Town calls their Royalex "Oltanar":
    Canoe Materials - Oltonar / Royalex® - Old Town Canoes and Kayaks
    Its vinyl skin is paper thin, and you can see that even on the showroom floor. Old Town is good for the Discovery type canoe: a livery boat meant to take a beating by daytrippers.
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  4. Default Re: Old Town Osprey Canoe, thoughts, suggestions, before we buy

    wowsers! those are some nice looking canoes.

    they even have a 4seater, but it's $3500us, a little out of our price range.

    the search continues.

    i'm guessing by the thoughts here and over at (which i joined) i'll end up buying another used one, but this time a better one then the last.

    it looks like i might be able to get a used Nova Craft Prospector Royalex for about $600cdn locally in the spring, so that option is always there.

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