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    I am just getting into fly fishing and I need some waders. I will be fishing the elk river in TN and a few streams out west in Colorado in the summer. I may fish around 40 times a year. I would like to spend no more than $220 or so. I have been looking at some Orvis (mainly the sonic seam), i like them because Orvis is such a strong company that stands behind their products. I have also heard great things about some of the Frogg Togg waders, but I am not sure what their warranty policy is. Any recommendations/product suggestions?

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    It's hard to beat Orvis' customer service.

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    Get something with a good warranty, I bought some cheap waders because I couldn't afford the simms I actually wanted at the time. I have already aquasealed the seams on the cheap waders.

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    I agree warranty service should be high on your list when it comes to waders. I have a pair of Orvis breathables. Silver....something Sorry, my mind went blank and I cant remember the model name. Wow, thats embarassing..... Anyway, I have been very happy with them.
    Make sure you get sized properly.

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    Tough to top L.L. Bean as far as warranty goes.

    I have used their Emerger breathable stockingfoots in the past...they're a solid entry-level wader for less than $100.00

    I am sure you'll hear an assortment of solid first-hand opinions from a variety of folks in the know on this site.

    What matters is comfort & durability and how well they suit YOUR specific needs.

    All the Best!

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    I tried on the Orvis enduras at a local fly shop that i liked alot, but then the reviews weren't all that great on orvis' website. Which orvis model is good?

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    Orvis is now making a pretty good bootfoot breathable with studs in the rubber soles that look like snowtire studs. My brother has a pair and he can get in and out of them a lot faster than the stocking foot. I've read where some states my outlaw felt soles due to the environmental concerns.

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