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  1. Default Hodgman h5 wading boots


    Any user feedback on these boots? How good are they in terms of comfort and grip? I generally walk a lot to my fishing spots so comfort is key! The ability to change the sole is great but how does the system age?

    How does these boots do from a wear and tear perspective ? Do they last reasonably ?


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    Default Re: Hodgman h5 wading boots

    Never been a big fan of their waders. Had a pair and they didn't hold up so well.

    The reviews I saw on these boots weren't great.

    I personally would never own a pair of boots w interchangeable soles. I've seen enough reviews where that fails just as I would think it would.

    I got a pair of Simms over 10 years ago and they held up like a champ. Just bought the new Simms Headwaters boots w the BOA lacing system. Very cool. Go on super easy and come off even easier, pop the button and step out, that's it. They're not much more than the H5.

    Get good boots, they will outlast your waders.

  4. Default Re: Hodgman h5 wading boots

    Thanks Scott, duly noted for your negative opinion on these boots.

    As far as I have read the interchangeable mechanism on these boots is the best available on the market and as long as you take the soles of and rinse the boots after every day on the water they remain usable.

    My question was more about the comfort and durability of these boots so if anyone has first hand experience that would be greatly appreciated as they are on 30% sale at my local supplier and I m really tempted...


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