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Thread: Tie-Fast

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    I was at the fly show down here last weekend and saw The folks at tie-fast demo the knot tyer tool I've seen it around for years but never tried it or seen anyone use one. I was blown away. Easiest nail knots on the planet. I picked one up. Anyone else try this bad boy?

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    I got one after someone posted it on here. Haven't used it much but the nail knot and snelling hooks sold me. I got it at the same time that I got some line clippers, but I'm still using my teeth, lol.

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    It's the second best next to the 'tie one on' (same idea with the addition of a built in bottle opener ) which I have only found one of... I have several of the tie fast tools spread throughout the gear bag/pack/reel case collection... and a spare in the truck!
    ... But a lifelong journey.

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    I have a small one with my fly tying stuff, but I always carry these:

    Tie FAst Combo Tool Nippers @The Trout Spot

    Awesome, Nippers, Hone, Hook Sharpener, and Knot tool all in one!

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    I keep one in my pack at all times.
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
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    We used them back when I worked at the Grapevine BPS and had to set up dozens of combos at a time. BIG timesaver. I still keep one around. You can make a pair of hemostats work the same way in a pinch, but the Tie-Fast is sure quicker.

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    Nothing faster in tying a cinch knot than hemo's.
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    What manner of jackassery will I be subjected to today?

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    It has truly made a difference in my knot tying abilities in the last 2 years. It provides a most confident and reliable knot. I have both the nippers that Joni mentioned and the tool on my lanyard. Use it and I believe you will see it will improve you speed and confidence in your knots.
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    I tie a couple hundred knots a month using a tie-fast, it's a great little tool. The also make a magnum version which works well with larger diameter materials.

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    Hi DSFlyman,

    I have had one for many years. Bought it when they first came out. I had a problem with very light tippets like 5X. The edges were too sharp and could damage the leader. I took a fine grain stone and smoothed the edges where the leader wraps around. I just kind of put a radius on edge. That may not be a problem with the new ones. If you don't tie knots with it in light tippets then don't worry about it. I never use it for light tippets.


    Tie-Fast Knot Tool

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