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    Default Musta Michelin Wading Boots by Vision

    Hey guys,

    I've recently purchased a pair of new wading boots by Vision. A few months had passed, which I feel to be enough time to gather a decent opinion on the product.

    I won't be pasting the whole review here, as it is rather lengthy but if you're looking for a new pair of wading boots, feel free to have a look:

    Vision Musta Michelin Wading Boot Review - Museline

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    Default Re: Musta Michelin Wading Boots by Vision

    Hi, thanks for the review. I've looked online and can't seem to find anyplace that sells them on this side of the pond.
    I recently saw a review for the new Orvis Pro boots, and they also have a Michelin sole. I'm wondering how durable the Michelins will be in tough rocks. Maybe it's too soon to know.

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    Default Re: Musta Michelin Wading Boots by Vision

    Thanks, Museline. You might consider posting on the UKFFF too, as we get Vision tackle easily enough here in Britain. I've yet to regret any Vision gear I've bought - waders, boots and rods included - so I'm glad to hear they're maintaining their high standards.

    One thing you don't mention which is important to me is weight. I prefer to use a lighter boot as I'm not a big bloke and, as a gillie, I'm out 6 days a week for 6 months of the year walking rough country. Heavy boots are tiring but lighter boots can be less robust than heftier ones and fall apart sooner because of it. I feel strongly that it is a quality which should be included in any manufacturer's/retailer's advertising blurb, especially as so many of us now purchase on line, sight unseen.

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