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Thread: whose got kayaks?

  1. Default The Native is really a canoe and more expensive.

    There is nothing wrong with a canoe for waters that they do well in. If you are out in open water and conditions become bad, your Native will fill with water. The skirts can help, but they are an additional cost and will not solve some situations.

    During the GA Kayak Tournament last year near Atlanta, a Native was effectively filled by a hard rain. It was towed in by another kayak. In the ocean one good swell, boat wake or lots of chop would fill the Native.

    They are much more stable than your average kayak, but I believe they are less stable than a kayak with outriggers/pontoons. Also without the prop drive (which cannot be used in shallow water), they are very slow. We tested the Native along side the Hobies in the water, and we bought the Hobies.

  2. Default Re: The Native is really a canoe and more expensive.

    ahh so my best choice would most likely be a hobie like i was originally thinking about and buying outriggers? i dont see how i could ever roll a kayak with outriggers lol.

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    Default Re: whose got kayaks?

    Jackh: I was looking at the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler and noted that it weighs 138 lbs. Here is another option to think about. On another thread about drift boats, Frank posted some information on the new Hyde Drifter:

    Hi Frank,
    The length of the boat is 12 feet 3 inches and the anchor arm adds another 11 inches to the top of the stern. The width of the boat is 64 inches at the oar locks and the weight is 130 to 160 pounds depending on the different seating or storage configuration ordered with the boat. I have attached a photo of the boat with the storage boxes and seats added to the benches.
    Thanks for the inquiry,

    Jim Kunz

    Hyde Drift Boats

    I think that The Drifter would be a great one person boat with ocasional use for two. The picture is with the 160lb configuration.

    Hyde Drift Boats : Built for fishermen, by fishermen.


  4. Default Re: whose got kayaks?

    thats a great looking drift boat but not exactly what im after. i think the hobie pro angler is a bit too big for my interest too. even their sales rep termed it as a boat, not really a kayak. thats why im lookin into the hobie revolution

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    Default Re: whose got kayaks?

    I have the PP100 (The Pelican Pursuit 100 Kayak) works great & cheap!

    The PP100 will save your back - it's only 41 lbs.
    It will also save your arms too with good glide & speed for a 10 footer.

    Fly, Spinning, Bait casting is no problem for me. It's also great in the wind.
    }((((> "Go Fly Fish'n life is just too short" <)))){

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    Default Re: whose got kayaks?

    Hi jackh,

    I have posted this before. It is a kayak that you can stand in. Works great with a motor. Here is a link to the site.


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    Default Re: whose got kayaks?

    I have a 12' Tarpon and it is just awesome to fish from. Not too difficult to adjust your cast to work properly. I will be going after Shad in just a couple of weeks and will have a great advantage because of my Yak
    Dave Watts

    To me, the journey of learning is almost more fun than arriving at the destination of knowing.

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    Default Re: whose got kayaks?

    We are going to rent some at Seward this year and do a tour of the bay. I hope................ there is a lot to do.

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    Default Re: whose got kayaks?

    I never tried a kayak myself. I lean more toward canoes. Here's my old Huron canoe. It is HEAVY at almost 80 lbs. I only do short portages. But she's a great paddler.
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  10. Default Re: whose got kayaks?

    I've got a Scupper Pro. Weighs 55 lbs. Kinda new to the kayak fishing but wanted something that was quick, light and ready to go for my trips to the reservoirs here in Colorado. I tried the float tubes, and pontoon craft and still enjoy them but looking for something new. I also use a Hyde drift boat on the rivers. Great fun but does require a trailer/tow. Will be trying the yak on our rivers to see how that works.

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