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    When fishing for peacocks, payaras etc.. here in the Orinoco river or while flats fishing. I tend to burn the gloves with the line, it is so hot that it dries so fast and sand sticks to it so while stripping you feel the heat and when theres an important strike the line will cut thru the cloth and burn the hell out of your finger.
    Always happens and last week it happened again, I had glacier gloves but they are not too good, they even tear when you pull the velcro straps.
    I eneded using tape on my fingers.
    What other glove you guys know thin enough to feel the grip but strong enough to avoid those burns?


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    Hi Armando,

    Here are some gloves that are similar to ones I use. I bought mine several years ago and there are tough but still pliable on your hand. They come in left or right handed. I have one for each hand. These are available from Feather Craft.


    Stripper Casting Glove
    Item # HP898$9.95

    THE STRIPPER CASTING GLOVE. My favorite (Ed). Whether you're stripping streamers with a 6-wt rod while floating the Yellowstone River, or wading a bonefish flat with your 8-wt, consider this one. A CASTING GLOVE makes casting a lot easier (less tiring), while protecting your fingers. HERE'S WHY: A synthetic leather palm allows for secure grip while casting. The pointer & middle fingers extend, leaving only your fingertips exposed. The fly line slides smoothly over your digit PREVENTING grooves and friction burns. Sun protection also provided. SIZES: S, M, L, XL. NOTE: SPECIFY RIGHT HAND, LEFT HAND, OR PAIR.
    >> View Item

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    If you are using sharkskin line, not sure if you are, but this should help everyone. SA is coming out with special stripping gloves you can use with the Sharkskin line. Many people have complained that it cuts your fingers up, so SA is designing something to use.

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    Thanks guys

    I am not using The shark line but one of my partners was and he complained about it being too harsh on his fingers by the way he also complaint about the amount of dirt it takes.

    Anyway Ill check those gloves out I really apreciate my digits.

    Thanks again

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