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    I only get to fish salt water ten to fifteen days per year and don’t go through a bunch of leaders and tippet. Thus, I put a date on them when purchased. No, it doesn’t account for shelf time in the store. If it’s five years past my date, I don’t use it. Trev asked, so, yes, mine have dates on them.

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    thanks, Denver, although my question is aimed toward the "birth-date" of the material, when it fell out of the spinneret, before cutting and packaging, before warehousing and wholesaling, even before importation or exportation.
    I also wonder if color makes a difference, does green mono out last red mono? is clear shorter or longer lived?
    I'm sure I read that a manufacturer said the life expectancy of nylon monofilament in the dark is indefinite, but I have no notion of where I read that.

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