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Thread: Neoprene chest waders

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    Default Neoprene chest waders

    Some one a while back said Neoprene chest waders could sort of soak up algae, etc and become a maintenance nuisance. Has anyone had such a problem? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Neoprene chest waders

    Red Owl: That might be but I have never heard of that one. I have a pair of neopreme waders (from when I was in Alaska) and I use them in the winter and spring when its cold out. They are too warm to use in the summer. They have served their purpose real well.


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    Default Re: Neoprene chest waders

    What's a neoprene chest wader?
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    Default Re: Neoprene chest waders

    Quote Originally Posted by mojo View Post
    What's a neoprene chest wader?
    They're easy to spot, just look inside for all of the algae from the clammy environment inside them!

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    Default Re: Neoprene chest waders

    Hi Red Owl,

    If anyone is getting algae in their neoprenes they are not maintaining them. I always turn the legs inside out so they dry over night. No one wants to put on a damp pair of waders in the morning. This works for any style of waders. I going to guess this is an old wives tale. I guess if some one was going commando in the waders and never took a bath that a funk might build up in the waders. In normal use it is not a problem.


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    Default Re: Neoprene chest waders

    Frank, I was just joshin' about the algae in waders. Hopefully everyone who still uses neo knows they get ripe if not turned inside out occasionally.

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    Default Re: Neoprene chest waders

    When you slip and fall as often as I do you don't have to worry. The saltwater rinses them out for me.
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    I have never heard of this algae thing thats for sure. Not turning the legs inside out can lead to a definite turn off, if fishing trips are back to back. I also get into the habit of rinsing them when i get home, even if I went in fresh water neoprene is porous to a degree. The question is if you fish waters that have been known to harbor unfriendly little critters, transporting them on your waders to another fishery would introduce the problem somewhere else.
    I occasionally will use my Pete boot dryer with extensions and forced air dry them. Works really good on cold mornings too cause if you roll them up when you get to the water they will still be warm. Now for a trick I learned as well put a dryer sheet in each leg of the waders and lay them on a fence or over the side rails of a truck in the sun and the heat will release the fragrance. lol, i've never done this cause i'm always afraid the scent will leech through and the fish will smell april freshness. (was a joke) happy fishing you guys
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    Default Re: Neoprene chest waders

    You should never roll up any type of wader wet. I rolled up a pair of breathable waders when I put them in the car & forgot about them... The next time I went to put them on there was mold on the inside where condensation was trapped for those 2 weeks or so. I now wash them occasionally & always flush them off & hang them up to dry. I wear stocking foot with gaiters attached & they have hooks for laces on each leg... I took a wire hanger & bent 2 notches in ie about a foot apart ... I hang the waders by the gaiter hooks to let them dry & air out. I haven't had a problem since.....

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