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Thread: Wadding Shoes

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    I just bought some new SIMMS Waders.... what are a good pair of wadding shoes?

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    did you buy the waders (only one D) from a fly shop? if so, go back and see what else they have.

    fresno, ca.

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    They Have SIMMS but I was told their is others that are just as good.

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    Not a chance...LOL Simms boots are the best in my opinion and the warranty is awesome.
    They are the first at the Aquastealth and now the Vibram.
    There are boots for less, but I like the quality (and yes they are made in China) and the ankle support and NO FELT!!!!!

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    sorry for my short reply. it was short in length as well as in tone.

    listen, if you want a suggestion for wading boots, forums like this one can be very helpful but you need to offer more information if you're looking for some suggestions. i don't want to say simms is THE way to go. there are many factors to be considered and levied together, other boots can come out ahead for YOUR needs.

    tell us what type of wading you'd be doing (mostly on the bank, occasional crosses), type of stream bed you're dealing with if you know this inofrmation, what your budget is and other things like whill you be hiking in to remote locations and is weight a concern if you'd be packing it in.

    for everyone who says simms is the way to go, you'll find another who says their LLbeans/orvis/baileys/chotas/hodgman/ columbia/patagonias/cabelas/etc are just as good. plus figure in any warranty policies said companies may offer. for one, i have never heard of anyone being ABLE to send in hodgman for warranty work (and nothing is easily spelt out on their web site last i looked).

    whichever boot you go with, you should REALLY try them on with the waders you'll be using. that is why i suggested you try finding something at the shop you bought the waders. i'm not a simms-hater, but i don't push them either. and you need to be accurate in what you ask. you asked which SHOES would work and there are a couple of wading shoes available but what you might have meant were boots.

    fresno, ca.

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    His exact words are: " what are a good pair of wadding shoes?"
    I answered with what I think are GREAT wading shoes, in my opinion. And I sold Orvis, and own Chota, which are good shoes, I agree.

    ezamora is right that it will matter what kind of fishing you do, I apologize, I figured Trout.
    But, by you handle, I could be way off on this.

    The future is GOING to be feltless, you can bet on that. That kind of limits your choices.

    Korker is a great convertible.

    flyrayfishing said he bought Simms waders, I just figured, top them off with the shoe which has served me great for close to 10 years.

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    Simms makes great stuff, and their new rubber soles are indeed the tops. Get the Freestones if you want an outstanding value, and the Riversheds if you want something a bit lighter and snazzier. And DO take in your waders to find the ideal size.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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