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Thread: Chest or Hip?

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    Default Chest or Hip?

    I've always had chest waders and a couple of times on still water I've needed the extra length but on fast water if you get much over your knees, on slippery rocks, you (or at least I) start thinking I'm pushing it. So.....wondering if hip boots might work out- they are sure a lot easier to pack around.
    So what do most of you wear? For those that tried both- what did you settle on?

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    Default Re: Chest or Hip?

    Chest waders here. By the time that the flows are low enough to get by with hip waders it's warm enough here to wet wade.

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    Default Re: Chest or Hip?

    Early on, I could only afford hip boots and I got on just fine with them. Only on a few occasions did I mess around and let water spill over the tops. They were especially handy in that I was car-hopping from creek to creek and hole to hole and they were easy to slip off and throw in the trunk when driving.

    After moving to chest waders, I found I never waded much deeper than with the hip boots. That was a bit of a surprise, as I'd imagined myself rib deep in mid-river. Rib deep in the Cumberland is a great way to cop a free swim! Neoprenes are a LOT warmer in winter, but that carries over to the summer, too. There's no comparison when it comes to answering nature's calls. Hip boots are a non-issue. Chest waders can produce high comedy when the wearer waits a bit too long.

    I'm fairly certain that when my current waders give out, I'll go back to hip boots. They've got their own disadvantages but will probably serve for 90% of my 3-season fishing. I'll probably purchase a 5mm neo chest wader just for winter fishing too, when that time comes.
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    Default Re: Chest or Hip?

    You missed an option: waist high waders. Except in really cold weather (and then only for warmth), for all my trout and atlantic salmon fishing I wear waist high waders. I realized, for me, that there's no need to wade deeper than waist highs will protect me. I fish in the east, New Brunswick, and Montana. I don't wade as well as I used to either, and staying out of water up to my armpits is a consideration there, too.

    And the "call of nature" situation is easier in them, too.

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    Default Re: Chest or Hip?

    both here. chest and waist. chest for when its down right nasty cold, waist for the toons and dang near everything else, cept steel head fishing, then its back to chest.. remember wade deep, wade fast, but be safe!

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    Default Re: Chest or Hip?

    Hippers and Chest waders. Hippers in the jeep for those slip off after work days to catch an hour or so on the river. Chest for just about everything else including float tubes.


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    Default Re: Chest or Hip?

    For trout fishing, I'll wear hip boots anytime that I can get away with it
    They're more convenient and cooler in warm weather. Easy on/ easy off
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