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Thread: Rio Grand line

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    Hey all

    Has anyone out there used the Rio Grand floating line?it is time for me to re-line for the year and I have heard conflicting stories about this line. I will be using it on a sage xp rod Thanks in advance

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    From what I know of it, it is a heavier line, similar to SA's GPX. This means it will load your XP a little faster than a typical WFF line. You probably already knew that, but that's all I got. I've had good success with Rio's leaders and tippet, but never tried one of their lines.

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    I've not used a Rio line either. I can say this, they are the most searched fly line on the internet. I use a key word selector program for my website search engine optimization. Rio consistantly comes in first place in the amount of brand specific fly line searches on the net. Cortland comes in 2nd, Airflo was third last month. Surprisingly, Scientific Angler only ranked 4th. Teeny was 5th and Orvis was 6th.

    Anyway, I feel certain the Rio is an excellent fly line.

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    I also have had mixed reviews of rio grand lines but everything else they put out is great,the fact that it is a heavier line and will load rods faster seems like a distraction to get used to so I don't see the advantage to useing it.If I want a fast loading action I load a 5wt rod with a 6wt line then I have one line to fish my five or six.but like most flyfishermen I cant help but try new products nomatter the

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    I use the Rio Grand line on my TFO Professenal 5wt. I like the line, I wonder how it would perform on the XP. By the way I am thinking of getting a Sage 8wt. I am looking at the XP, Xi2 or TCR. Are you Sage pro? Any advise?

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