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Thread: float tube!?

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    well i already have an 18' skeeter with a nice 150 merc on it for the big lakes, but i like fishing in secluded areas and small ponds, i would spend about 250$ on one of these small craft. plus i plan on buying one of those allen alpha reels if i can get one for around that price. Im leaning to the cumberland because sams clube could get it to me for 160... leaving money for... a new rod?

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    Darn, I hate when I have to agree with Mojo (just kidding), but like he said, you can get the job done with a $30 round tube, or a $90 U-tube, or you can save and get one that is the right one. I have fished the round and the u-tube. both will get the job done, some are easier to kick around in than others. If you are going to get one, and not get another one in a year or so cause it is not all that you want, then get a v-shape. If you fish hard, if you have to drag your tube up and down in altitude, or hike tight trails, you will want one that is built for that. I have nothing against the scadden products, and Joni and Mojo do a lot of fishing and guiding, and thier input generally comes from thier experiences - the best teacher there is in my opinion.

    Is a $200 cumberland as good as a $1000 scadden, probably not, especailly if you are gonna put it on moving water - I still believe you get what you pay for in terms of durability and quality. For me, sometimes, I have to get the best I can afford that will do the job, and I have to understand the limitations in some cases.

    For isolated lakes, when you fish by yourself, get something with multiple chambers, or at least a couple of different methods (or wear a pfd) to ensure that if it leaks, your not gonna sink.

    V-shaped is easier to get around with, I don't carry a cooler, etc on the water, cause where I fish, I can park my jeep right next to the lake, I want something that gets me on the water, is easy to kick against the wind, and is safe if the water gets a little choppy. I usually fish with a buddy, but, there is generally at least one other person on the lake, and I always hook a pfd to the tube. Advice is great and free in a lot of cases, but it is also biased, listen to what is given, take what you need and what will work for you, leave the rest.

    I hope the advice you have gotten here from me and others has helped you to make an informed decision.


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