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    Default problem with sage ds 7 and orvis dry line

    the sage ds number 5 and fly line i have on it works absolutly wonderfull.. the 7 with orvis number 7 line casts fine, and gives me a big advantage in the wind.. the problem im having is it seems to have quite a bit more resistence sliding thru the ferruls than the 5 weight.. i checked the ferruls for wear, and their is some scratches but not what id call significant.. i slid both lines back and fourth on a deer antler and the 7 actually seemed sliker,but both are more soft than hard and slik.. could it be the larger diameter of the line, and the stiffer rod makes this occurance, being a tradeoff of the heavier weight pole??.. or what should i look for to see if their actually is a problem.. what makes me notice is if im above a pool and i want to float a sunk fly over, it is difficult to spool out and flip the line out of the pole, more difficult than the 5 setup that is..... thanks dave..

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    I think I suggested a different line than the one you selected for your Sage 7-weight DS. Different lines work well on one rod but not necessarily any and all.

    I suggest you have the wrong line on the right rod for the wrong fly caster. It's my bet that in my hands it will cast just fine ... Why not try the Rio I suggested and/or move to a DT if you need to roll cast to resurface the line for a normal cast. Weight-forward lines are terribly inefficient when asked to take on the roll casting role.


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    Typically, the seven weight is going to be much stiffer then the five weight rod. A softer rod will flex (load) much quicker then a stiff rod. So, it will take more line out of the guides to get the rod into load mode which is needed to shoot line.

    The rod is most likely designed to carry much more line then a five weight as much of the fishing done on saltwater and large lakes etc. is further out and you have to be able to quickly shoot your bug to the fish that may be sixty or seventy feet out.
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    Default Re: problem with sage ds 7 and orvis dry line

    one of the fly shop owners today was similar with what curtis is saying.. he said it will take alot mmore power than im used to to flip out a couple feet of line with the 7 to get the tip to flilp it out the way im used to.. im not having trouble with casting, unless you want ot call this casting.. .. the problem is just simply feediing line out after the line is on the water... getting it from the reel end to out past the tip without disturbing the drift of the fly.. it just spools out harder than a 5. i just got the rods out and tested the resistence if the line in the guides by putting the rods under the same circumstances (bend)and sliding the line thrue the guides, and they slide with the same resistence. so it doesnt seem to be slickness or a line surface problem.. ill study all the answeres given here and try some differnt lines to see if it improves... thanks dave..

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