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Thread: scientific angler steel head line

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    Default scientific angler steel head line

    ive read quite a few of the articles on the steelhead line by 3m.. a guy was using it last night out at where im fishing.. he was roll casting about 50 feet ( an estimate measured by the rod lenghts out.) i can only do 30.. his problem was he was casting over the channel where the trout were comming thru. i caught 16 hogs.. probably one of the the best days ive ever had... i really needed that 7 wghts fighting butt.. and they got bigger at dusk!!. the last fish i caught was a fighting shiny female full of eggs. back to the steel head line.. ( ) its touted to be for big flys with floats like we all use here.. .. this type of setup really bogs the casting down with weighted flys, in the wind it can blow the roll cast sideways 5-7 feet.. but all that can be over come by finding reds that are within casting distance... all of you have helped me immensly in my return to fly fishing and i would like to say that your comments have improved my casting, my equipment, and my fishing tremendously.. dont think for a minute by anything that i say that im ungratefull.. i am a cheapskate and bull headed tho..(:<).. dave..

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    Default Re: scientific angler steel head line

    Good to hear you're catching plenty of fish. Make sure not to step on any of those redds though!

    If there was a question in there about SA's Steelhead line, I missed it. I know that line used to be basically the same as their distance taper, which became the XXD, and now has been changed slightly to be called the Extreme Distance taper. They all are much better than the average WFF line for roll casting. Getting a roll cast to stay down out of the wind and be powerful is a trick that Doug can teach far better than I.

    I will say that using your other hand on the fighting butt for some added power can help though. Stop that tip high too.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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