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    Default Orvis Tailwater XT Waders

    I have been looking at waist high options for awhile now. After much back and forth and much research here and on other sites, I decided to go with Orvis Tailwater XTs. There are a couple of reasons for my decision. Orvis currently has the Tailwater XTs on sale for a good discount and they are also including a free pair of their Ultralight felt sole wading boots with a purchase of the waders. With the sale on these waders I figured it was worth a trip to my local Orvis store (only 20 minutes from my house) to check out the waders. The waders are exactly what I was looking for. Even though the waders qualify as chest highs, they convert into excellent waist highs without the added bulk that results when you roll down most chest highs. Actually I think these waders are more like waist highs that happen to convert into chest highs. You just take off the detachable suspenders and the upper folds down neatly inside the waist of the waders. When I tried them on I didn't even notice the upper was there. I paln on using them as waist highs the vast majority of the time, but wanted chest high capability in case I needed it. With these waders I feel like I got the best of both worlds in that respect. Also, I like the colors and looks of the waders better than the Simms waist highs. I had $50 in Orvis gift cards, so with the sale I was able to get out with only a little over $200 out-of-pocket for a new set of premium waders and a backup pair of wading boots. I am somewhat concerned that they are not Gore-Tex, but at the price I just couldn't pass them up. I get to spend the month of July in Basalt, CO on the Frying Pan and Roaring Fork and it is the main reason I was in the market for a new pair of waders. That month should give me a good chance to really put them through their paces. I will report back on how they work out.

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    Default Re: Orvis Tailwater XT Waders

    I've had a pair of Tailwater Waders since last summer. I really like them for all the same reasons you mentioned and also wear them as waist highs. Their actually a bit higher than a true waist high
    A couple of things I might add is they can get quite warm when the temp starts to rise with the upper part tucked in. Another thing is that even with the belt, they can tend to slide down especially if your prone to such things. I got a Cabelas velcro wading belt and that not only adds some back support but keep your waders where you want them.
    Another real plus for me was the stocking feet on the Tailwaters have a closer size range so my wading boots fit much better.
    Over all, their great waders and and with Orvis warrenty I wouldn't be concerned about the fact their not Gortex.

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    Default Re: Orvis Tailwater XT Waders

    I've been looking for some new waders for awhile and I also spotted the Orvis sale and couldn't pass it up so I also bought a pair of Tailwater Waders.


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