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  1. Exclamation Fly Fishing in the Caribbean Sea

    We spent a WONDERFUL time to Cuba. The accommodations, staff, guides and food were excellent. We hated to leave.

    After arrival everything ran smoothly. Ruxandra at the Parc Central Hotel was also very nice and very helpful. She helped us set up a Hemingway tour, taught us about the money system, warned us about all things we shouldnít do and made us feel comfortable and well taken care. The Hotel was beautiful. So much nicer than we expected.

    We were free to use our own flies, experiment with flies and fish for any species. That made the fishing quite interesting and experimental too. In general and after our personal experiences the catches are more plentiful in JDR but we also fish with an eye at nature. WE often fish were pelicanís diving for the sardines and caught fish at all those locations. Even some times 3 species in just 3 different casts. We had extremely easy fishing for bonefish but also hit some spots where we saw HUGE bonefish that were simply impossible to catch or simply spooked too easily! We didnít fish at all for permit at JDR because we still were too busy learning. The biggest experience in JDR was my catch of a real big GT on a popper that almost took 200 meters of backing! I had no idea this fish was so powerful. The tarpon therefore was less strong as I had expected although I didnít catch a real big one of course. The permit and big snapper both gave a real good fight too. Bonefishing was very easy one moment, then hard up to extremely hard at other moments. The big bones really fight well. Learned a lot from them.

    We enjoyed our day in Havana and the ride through the Countryside to the boat. It was like we were driving through a history book.

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