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    Default Fishing in Chile

    Howdy all-

    I'm interested in fishing the Patagonia region of Chile for trout at the end of this year or next year. I've done a quick 'Google' search and found a variety of lodges/guides and packages. All of which sound great. As this will be my first fly fishing adventure at a lodge, I want to make sure it will be memorable (in a good way). So before I contact any lodges/guides with my list of questions, I figured I'd ask the forum members for any tips, advice, and or guidance you can provide.


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    Default Re: Fishing in Chile

    You should pm Allan(Pocono) he's already gone there and is planning another trip in the spring.

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    Default Re: Fishing in Chile

    We went to the Coihaique region few years ago. It was an interesting country..

    We won't go back, for a wide variety of reasons. Looking at Argentina for the next South America trip instead. I'm sure it's a **** shoot either way.

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    Default Re: Fishing in Chile

    You might also look at a booking agency like Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures. They don't charge you anymore than directly dealing with the lodges, but they have the experience you need and can recommend lodges for you, take a look at their site.
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    Mack: Also use the search function and do a search on Chile, we have a couple members from Argentina that have fished Chile that might be able to provide some information.

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    Default Re: Fishing in Chile

    Thanks to everyone for the help!! I appreciate it very much!!

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