Regards from Alaska,

We here at Alaskan Adventures & Outfitters have come up with an interesting offer which would benefit both you and us, we would like you to put a group of people together no more than ten including yourself and we will sell you the spots for $2029.00 each which normally sell for $3029.00 and would like you to sell them preferably for the normal price, its your profit. Also you will have a free spot for yourself as a host/guide to accompany your group.
Ten guest max at the lodge which would be 9 guests and 1 host, must have a minimum of 5 people total.

$1000.00 x9 = $9000.00 potential profit plus a free spot for yourself.

We offer a main lodge for eating and relaxing with five cabins that sleep anywhere from one to six, we have running water, showers, toilets and generators for electricity. Our lodge facility sits about 50 feet above and overlooks Alexander Creek which is 40 miles long, we offer fly-fishing, float trips, hiking, camping, canoeing, eco-tours, photography and waterfowl hunting on a daily basis. We have Rainbow trout, five species of Salmon and some Arctic Grayling in our river systems, we have several streams that feed Alexander Creek including another river system that also feeds into our river so we have many nearby options.

The following is a mini-site with graphics to view, if you are interested in setting up such a group and would like more information please contact me at:
phone: 888-461-2090 / 248-461-2090

Kevin Blakemore
Alaskan Adventures & Outfitters

Remote Alaska Fishing Adventures

Experience remote Alaska fishing for a variety of salmon,
rainbow trout, steelhead and northern pike. We have immediate access to
rivers, lakes and streams for fly fishing or spin cast fishing. We are a short 15 minute
flight and a 30 minute scenic boat ride from Anchorage.

Fishing Camp Features
• Main lodge for meals & lounging
• Comfortable rustic cabins
• 3 hearty meals/day
• Experienced guides Types of Adventures
• Fishing all day, every day
• Float & fly out trip options
• Backpacking, hiking and camping trips
• Sightseeing & eco-tours
Types of Fish
• Native King Salmon • Chum Salmon • Sockeye Salmon • Silver Salmon
• Pink Salmon • Dolly Varden • Rainbow Trout • Steelhead • Northern Pike
Make the most of your Alaska fishing adventure
at our remote fishing camp on the banks
of Alexander Creek. We offer the wilderness
fishing experience without the high cost
of big resorts. Click here for more information:

Alaskan Adventures & Outfitters
Toll free: 1-888-461-2090