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  1. Default Upper Clackamas Bull Trout Reintroduction

    The OFW (Oregon Fish and Wildlife) has a Bull Trout Reintroduction effort in the pipeline slated for the "upper most reaches" (above Collawash) of the Clackamas River . This species has been on the ESA's Threatened list since 1988 and has not been seen in the Clack system since 1963.
    Public comments on this project are being accepted until Feb. 8, 2010.
    Here are some links;

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    Default Re: Upper Clackamas Bull Trout Reintroduction

    Hi badfishunter,

    Thanks for sharing this information. I don't know how I feel about it or if it is good or bad for the Clackamas. When I lived in the area I thought the Oregon Fish and Wildlife had a good handle on stocking and tried to keep stocked fish out of native fish habitat. I am afraid that over the years they have lost ground on that effort.

    The Salmon and Steelhead in the Northwest are under a lot of stress and maybe this is a poor time to introduce Bull Trout back into the Clackamas. Wouldn't it be better to build up the Salmon stocks and then attempt to bring back the Bull Trout? I don't know the answer but I think the Salmon and Steelhead are of higher importance to fishers.


  3. Default Re: Upper Clackamas Bull Trout Reintroduction

    Thanks for the response. My initial reaction to this was "wrong". I got a mental picture of some ODFW folks sittin 'round with to much time on their hands. One say's 'Hey, let's dump some Bull's in the Clack and see what happens...I mean, they were there in '63?" Point being, this needs a bit of scrutiny.
    Many of our on-going problems with fishery systems across this great country have started at least in part with "people with titles" thinking that there's something wrong with a particular system.... then wanting to "fix" it. I understand the Bull Trout got hog-tied with a bad rap as an "aggressor" and had some bad times because of that. But that was our fore-fathers deal, not ours. 46 years later, the Clackamas is a different river, and we need to take a more pro-active "up-to-date" approach to it.
    This smells of "fast-track" to me with the rumors of starting this transition by next summer already being bandied about. Your idea of the Salmon/Steelhead issue getting glossed over needs some attention as well. I am already in research mode on this.
    At this point I might interject with a bump to Stewardship. These animals that we all enjoy so much and the systems where they reside CAN NOT speak for themselves. They need folks who will watch out for their well being. They need Advocates! Just a bit of a heads up, if all Sportsman and Woman spent a small amount of time each year working for the good of their particular flora and fauna, we could initiate tremendous change.
    I hope to have an up-date on this soon.
    Comments to ODFW are due Feb.8, '10

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