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Thread: Get the most fishing out of family holiday to the Pacific Northwest

  1. Default Get the most fishing out of family holiday to the Pacific Northwest


    My name is Christian, Iím from Germany and I will be on a holiday trip in the US starting May 10 in Las Vegas, then all the way up from San Diego, around the Olympic Penisula and we will fly back from Seattle on May 4. Even if this is not a fishing trip, Iím travelling with m y wife and my parents, I will bring my fly rods (class 5 & 8) and hope to get the chance for some days, or at least hours, of fishing.
    I hoped that some people here can give me tips where to fish. We have a rough idea of our route (see below) but we are still flexible to adjust as necessary. What Iím looking for are, for example accommodations on our way, where I can go for one or two hours of fishing near the motel/lodge/Ö when we arrive in the afternoon, or locations with something around for my family to explore while Iím on the water or just anything that can help me get the most fishing out of the family trip.
    Iím also planning to have a guided tour, but only once during the trip as a good guide demands good money and a four week oversea trip is already an expensive thing. So if someone is around at the same time and wants to share a guided trip just send me a PM or maybe one of you would join me for a few hours of fishing and show me his home water?
    Besides I would be thankful for all kind of tips regarding a holiday trip and attractions in the region.
    Our route: Las Vegas- Grand Canyon-Phoenix-San Diego-LA-San Francisco-Eureka-Lincoln City-Portland-Olympic NP-Seattle

    Thanks and regards from Germany,


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    Default Re: Get the most fishing out of family holiday to the Pacific Northwest

    hi Christian, so are you heading to Portland from Lincoln city or from tillamook, or Astoria? What kind of fish are you looking to chase? if you are heading up the coast of Oregon trout is out of the question. they dont return to the coastal streams till july. even then they are small. Salmon will be running at that time with the steelhead following them. If you want big bows you have to head east. I will be out alot during that time so if you wanted to meet me out there that would be cool. I could help you get into a slab. also large parts of the rivers might closed during that time. Its not in the reg books but posted all over. if you have any question pm me. If you were looking to be guided for a day. if i ever got the opportunity, to be able to get a guided trip it would be on the Deschutes. There are HUGE redsides and steelhead. its not that cool though cause you cant fish from a boat.

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    Hi Thony,

    thanks for the quick response. As it looks now, we will come from Lincoln City towards Portland, but as I said, the waypoints are not fix yet. We just booked rooms at start and endpoint of our trip and in some national parks.
    As for the kind of fish, I would realy like to give the steelhead another try. I was on guided trip for steelhead in Indiana when I was on business trip in the Chicago area. Unfortuanetly I couldn't catch one. But I would just fish for the fish that are present, salmon, trout or even bass, the line has to be wet !
    When I know exact dates and route for our trip I will contact you and maybe we can fish togehter.


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