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Thread: Need a fishin' buddy(Everett, WA)

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    Default Need a fishin' buddy(Everett, WA)

    Alright guys. I work an odd schedule(weekend shift) and am looking for a fishin' buddy.

    Here's my offer. I want to fish any day monday through thursday(though I need to plan ahead to arrange child care). I'm game for anywhere within 2 hours of Everett, which is where I live. What I want is someone who I can fish with, wouldn't mind showing me the ropes of the area, teaching me some tactics and river etiquette, and catching some fish with me. This is where one of you comes in(hopefully). I'm game for fishing for cuts out of the sound, river steelhead, whatever. If it can be caught on a fly, I want to fish for it.

    So what you bring:
    1. Your Gear(I bring my own, you bring yours.)
    2. Your knowledge
    3. A healthy appetite.

    What I bring:
    1. I'll cover all the food.
    2. I'll drive and cover all gas expenses.
    3. I'll buy the beer/booze
    4. I'll bring the stogies(if that is your thing) you're on your own for cigs and dip(if thats your thing).

    A little about me: I'm 28, married with a kid, and work as a machinist. I'm out of shape and overweight, but I'm hoping rekindling an outdoor hobby will help me get a bit healthier. Plus I have a little 6 weight 8 and a half foot bamboo rod built in 1972 that I inherited that I really want to catch a fish on.

    I don't really care how old you are(I probably won't buy you booze if you're under 21) but be over 18. PM me or Email me at cellis8200 at gmail dot com if this sounds like something that would interest you. We can get together for lunch or something before we go so we can get to know each other.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this,

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    Question Re: Need a fishin' buddy(Everett, WA)

    Did you ever find any fishing buddies for your area? How's the fishing been so far this year? I'm traveling to Seattle in September for a conference and was looking for ideas to fish either Salmon, Steelhead or Trout. If you're still fishing let me know.

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