Got the chance to meet a really nice guy that has TONS of rack stuff. He sells most of it through ebay. I got to see his attic and he had seriously thousands of bike bars. Hundreds of bars in every size. He is very fair and has anything that you need. I got a basket and locks and ski holders (to hold my rods) for $60. He does the installation for you. He has every lock so he can match to your keys. He has lots of stuff to match any price range. Newer= more, older= dirt cheap. He also goes by the condition of the product. MY buddy went with me and bought a yakima mega warrior basket with the extension, for $200. The guy also gave him the mounts for the bike bars and the bars for free. He bought my buddys towers and bars for $150 that was useless for him and he paid $40 for. So the basket was only $50!!.

He does have another ski holder set, that is little like mine for $10 dollars. He has boxes of ski holders of various sizes. They would make an excellent rod holder. you can fold them down when not in use. He dosent have the keys to the one for $10, but they open. I dont have locks on mine, because there is no way im leaving fly rods on my car overnight. so...... they look like there locked. So if you are around p-town area and need rack stuff hit him up.

His name is Nathan Schechtman, (503) 292- 8829. He does this stuff out of his expensive home and super nice neighbor hood so there is nothing shady about it. Your not buying stuff out of some guys

He was super nice and hooked me up so i thought i would hook him up and hook you up