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  1. Default Alaska/Anchorage August 8-24, 2008 -where and what to fish

    Am taking the family for a vacation and I think I will bring my fly rod with me

    Where would be a good place to fish and would I be looking at trout and salmon at this time?

    Any help would be great!

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    Default Re: Alaska/Anchorage August 8-24, 2008 -where and what to fish

    Hi dogger,

    This is really a tough question to answer. Alaska fishing is different as there are no rivers with a road running along them. You will be at a great disadvantage with no boat or airplane. Your best bet is to have Rust Flying Service fly you out for a day or two of fishing. They have cabins and boats spotted at various locations. Usually for Salmon they will fly you over to Alexander Creek for a day. There are rivers you can float but you need to fly to the location and be connected with a lodge. If you have a car you can drive up the Parks Highway and fish the Willow river. It will have Grayling most of the time and Salmon at certain times of the year. You can drive down to the Kenai Peninsula and locate small lakes but you will need a boat or at least a float tube. Some of the flying services will have spots on the Kenai.

    The Alaska Fish and Game has cabins at various locations and you can reserve one for a week. All that I know about are fly in only. There is the Russian River on the Kenai Peninsula. Most people fish it for Red Salmon when they are in the river for a couple of weeks. I don't think you will hit that. If you hike up the Russian you might get some trout. There is a falls and a lake above the falls. There are Rainbow in the lake. It is a long hike and if you wanted to fish the lake it would be better to fly in. There is a Fish and Game cabin on the lake. If you mange to get to the lake then fish the lower end at the out let.

    There is also the Little Susitna that has Salmon certain times of the year. There is a road going out to the river along the power line but it takes 4WD unless things have changed. In town they plant trout in Sand Lake and out the highway there is Mirror Lake. Mirror Lake has Grayling but again it is better fished with a canoe. On Fort Richardson there are several lakes with Grayling. You need an in with the Military.

    Unless you have a fishing friend that lives in the area or you hire someone to help you, it is not going to be easy.


  3. Default Re: Alaska/Anchorage August 8-24, 2008 -where and what to fish

    What would you suggest for equipment? 8/9 wt or 9/10?

    Thanks for the info!

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    Default Re: Alaska/Anchorage August 8-24, 2008 -where and what to fish


    You will be fine with an 8wt for everything but King Salmon. It is too much for Grayling but they don't care.


  5. Default Re: Alaska/Anchorage August 8-24, 2008 -where and what to fish

    If you going to be traveling a little while you're up here you can take the ferry out of Whittier if you want to see some of Prince William Sound. It stops here in Cordova and there can be some good salmon fishing around here that time of year, most of it road accessible.

    I've been using an 8 weight rod up here, but I'm actually thinking of bringing it down to a 6. Even on the silvers it's not much of a fight on the 8 weight most of the time. I know quite a few people who use 6's for pretty much everything up here. Even have a friend who landed a king on a 7. But then again, we normally keep the fish we catch so we are not too worried about over-tiring them from a long fight.

  6. Default Re: Alaska/Anchorage August 8-24, 2008 -where and what to fish

    We're going to be traveling a lot, boat, plane, ferry and car so anything from Seward to Anchorage to Fairbanks will be game.

    My biggest concern is getting the right reel with a good drag. My current rod reel doesn't have much of a drag, just the clicking pawl, but normaly just strip the line in on the trout and bass around here.

    Sounds like you live in Alaska wfosborn? Do the parks up there have grills and picinic areas? While I'll throw most of the fish back, would love a shore or park grilled fish. Any ideas? Our hotel just has a microwave and refrig.

  7. Default Re: Alaska/Anchorage August 8-24, 2008 -where and what to fish

    Most of the parks near me have grills there, and most are right on some great fishing spots too. Where there isn't a grill, it's normally easy enough to scavenge enough wood to make a fire to cook over as well. I'm in Cordova, and no one here gets bothered if you decide to make a fire by any of the fishing holes.

    I can't give you much advice on the reel drag. I use a Pflueger Trion, but I just keep the drag tight enough I don't spool out reel when I'm pulling line for casting. When I have a fish on I always palm the reel. Only advice I have on the reel is make sure it can hold plenty of line. I'm guessing you're probably going to be fishing for Silvers and they can strip out line incredibly fast when they want too.

  8. Default Re: Alaska/Anchorage August 8-24, 2008 -where and what to fish

    Stop by World Wide Angler They are the best flyshop around. They will give you good advice. It will be a good time to fish Qurtz Creek for Dollies and Bows the sockey Salmon will be spawning and the trout will be right there eatting all the eggs going down the river. Just stop by world Wide Angler and they will set you up with everthing you need for a day of fishing there. Qurtz Creek is right along the side of the road you can drive right to it.
    Catch & Release all wild Trout.

  9. Default Re: Alaska/Anchorage August 8-24, 2008 -where and what to fish

    What about alaskan still-water or lakes north or south or in anchorage?

    Gotta think there's some good ones out there........

    What is meant by the fishing regulation of X amount of fish per day/ X amount in possession.

    If it says 2/day and 2 in possession, I think I get it, but am not sure. Give me an example or two. If you filet the fish nightly and freeze them, does that take it out of "possession"

    Are there places that do that type of thing? We're staying in Anchorage so I am not sure what places offer that service?


  10. Default Re: Alaska/Anchorage August 8-24, 2008 -where and what to fish

    Hello Dogger,

    The daily limit is how many you take out of the water and kill, in possession means how many you have total that are "unpreserved," so once you process them they are out of possession. As long as you take them home and process them every night you should be fine. Freezing, canning, smoking, heavy salting & drying; pretty much anything that will keep them edible for longer than 15 days counts as long as it's not a cooler with ice.

    I know in Cordova the local canneries are normally willing to take care of your fish for you, not sure about Anchorage but I'm sure there must be somewhere up there that will do the same.

    I've heard many of the small lakes around Anchorage and in the valley contain trout & pike, I've never fished them though so I can't give you any advice on which ones. There is a good book called "Flyfishing Alaska" by Anthony Route that I think mentions some good places to try if memory serves . . .

    Hope that helps some!


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