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    Quote Originally Posted by dogger View Post
    could I ask, what direction did you go, north or south of Seattle?

    I just called Patrick's shop, got a couple suggestions, thanks for the pointers!

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    Patrick's was great, got me out for some good fishing.

    Nothing to write home about for number of catches, but at least I was out!


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    There are really too many good places to list within a 30-60 minute drive of downtown Seattle in almost every direction, including West as some of the small streams on the Kitsap peninsula are also amazing! My largest trout ever, a 24" 5 1/2 pound Sea Run Cutt, was caught and released just an hour north of Seattle downstream of Arlington on the Main Fork of the Stillaguamish.

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    There is a great fly shop in Mill Creek, just north of Lynwood (north of Seattle). I think it is called Pacific Fly Fishers. I could be wrong. They have always been liberal with information and very willing to let me cast any rod they have in their casting pond out back. Just thought I would throw them a bone. They have been good to me.

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    Yes Dorian, it is Pacific Fly Fishers and they are a fairly good shop with great information. Some other suggestions: Ted's Sporting goods on Highway 99 in Lynnwood, great service, great all around fishing shop with an outstanding fly section and amazing information on current conditions/bites. also, if you want to learn about flyfishing in Washington, check out Dennis Dickson's Guide service and his website has TONS of ooutstanding information and articles on fishing certain rivers in the North Sound. Fly Fishing Steelhead and Salmon Guide for Washington - Skagit, Stilly, Sky, OP and Grande Ronde River - Stilly,Sky, Skagit Rivers

    Good luck and Tight Lines!

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    how bout lakes around the snohomish to smokey point area??? any suggestions. trout, just standing on the beach. although i do have a little boat if necessary. trying not to thread jack but i would say it is on the same topic

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    Blackman's Lake just on the north side of the town of Snohomish was always a favorite of mine. especially march-May. There are a lot of holdover triploids, two boat launch areas and a park that has two pretty decent fishing piers. It's a motor free lake as well so you won't have the "zoomies" messing up your fishing although the kayaks and prows can sometimes become thick enough to interfere with casting and soaking your power bait.

    Out of Snohomish there are a few others as well, on the other side of HWY 2 but south of Granite Falls, Lake Roesiger and Lake Bosworth and Lake Chaplain. In the same area are Flowing Lake, Panther lake and Storm Lake but I've never fished them.

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    hmm maybe ill give blackmans a shot my uncle lives on the lake

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    what flies do you use at blackmans. is there one that is like the best all around for around these lakes. a guy at my work said something about a casper special or something like that i don't recall the name

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