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    Default Considering a trip to Oregon....

    In the mid Spring time frame(beore I go back to work), I have a cousin that lives in Portland.
    Anyone able to give me any info on the "Big Sandy" or the "Grand Ronde"? It would be greatly appreciated.
    Would love to get into some Steelies or Springers, I sure wish my cousin fished.

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    Default Re: Considering a trip to Oregon....

    Hi fyshstykr,

    I don't know about the Grand Ronde but the Sandy close to Portland is big water that is best fished with a boat. You can drive a good distance from Portland and it is easier to fish. If you really want a chance at a Steelhead you need a guide. I would give Kaufmann's Streamborn a call. Better yet I would pay them a visit. You will find a great fly shop and people with lots of experience and knowledge. I am sure they can put you onto some fish.

    Being this close I would get a guided trip on the Deschutes River. You can also drive to Maupin and fish the Deschutes without a guide. Kaufmann's will know where the hot spots are at the time you are there. There are also a couple of rivers across the Columbia in Washington that are close to Portland.


    Kaufmann’s Streamborn, Inc
    11960 SW Pacific Highway
    Tigard, OR 97223

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