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  1. Default Winter fishing in Alaska

    Hi all, hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

    Anyone have any experience fishing in winter in Alaska? I'm really wanting to get out and as far as I know no one here is fishing at all in the winter. I'm just not sure I can make it until the main fishing season starts so I was thinking of trying to find some open water to try now.

    Anyone have some tips on what to look for as a likely spot or just winter fishing in general?


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    Default Re: Winter fishing in Alaska

    Hi wfosborn,

    Oh boy, living in Alaska, it doesn't get any better than that.

    I live in Fairbanks for 12 years and there was a lot of winter fishing. We caught a bunch of trout.

    The first thing you do is get a good ice auger. Find a lake with trout in it and you are good to go. You didn't think I was fishing rivers did you. If you have a plane you can fly to lakes or use a snowmobile. A portable depth finder is handy to locate fish. We usually fished when the weather warmed up to -30F or so. Winter ice fishing can be very productive.

    Cordova has a lot warmer climate than Fairbanks and I would think you would be good for some rock fish if you have a boat. As for fly fishing I think your best bet is Spring time. Does Eyak lake freeze over during the winter?


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    Hi there Frank,

    Sometimes Eyak freezes, sometimes it doesn't. Right now there is still a clear area by the weir and parts of the river are still open. I've pulled a few cutthroat out of the river by the weir in fall when they are following the salmon but I'm not sure if there are any there now.

    My main problem is time. When I can get out it's only an hour or two here or there and normally after it's dark, so not enough time to go hike the lakes and drill holes. That's why I was thinking of trying some fly fishing on the open parts of the river. I'm not sure if there would be anything in there though, I don't know what the trout do in the winter. Actually, I don't know much about trout at all, just what I've read. I've never tried to fish for them, just hooked a few when I've been out for salmon.


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    I was thinking of taking my grandfather to Alaska to do some salmon and trout fishing. When would be the best time to plan a trip. Where would be some good locations for the "do it yourselfer"? Fly recommendations would also be awesome.

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    Hello KJ,

    Well, the Sockeye normally start running in July. There are a lot of fun, and in my opinion are the best eating but can be very picky about what they'll bite. August and September are the time for Coho fishing, the most popular of the sport salmon. They fight hard and will readily take a fly. From late July through late August there is also lots of Dogs and Pinks coming in. Both of them will take almost anything you throw at them, but the Pinks aren't much in the way of fighters. Dogs can be a ton of fun though. And I can't forget the legendary Chinook, they normally show up here in early July.

    For a diy trip, from Anchorage you can reach plenty of places on the road with a few hours of driving. I don't fish up that way though so I can't provide much in the way of specifics for there though. I'm here in Cordova, pretty small town with some great fishing within short driving distance. There's also some people here who have fishing camps or offer day trips.

    On the trout side of things, I understand there are tons of small lakes around Anchorage and in the valley with trout and pike. There are some cutthroat and dolly's around here, and maybe a few grayling left. We're mostly known for the salmon though, not the trout. I've never managed to hook any of size around here, but I've heard they are out there.

    Here's a ADF&G page with tons of good info for you:
    Sport Fish Division - Alaska Department of Fish and Game

    And I guess I might as well throw in a plug for Cordova with a link to our Chamber of Commerce page. Might be helpful if you consider coming here. - Home

    Hope some of that was helpful for you!


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    Default Re: Winter fishing in Alaska

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    Nothing from my place and I just came back from the cabin, it's -37 out there. Good time to tie flies for the Sockeye and stay close to the fire. May will bring some late / early steelhead / sea run trout to one of my streams and all I can do is wait.

    You can check for anyone running charters for Feeder Kings but I would rather have the red meat. PM me if you want to chat it up and plan a meet.

    I think those are two different fish.............. I get them mixed up when the size runs close. They were taken on May 5, on streamers in a small creek I like. No room for a big rod so that is a 6'3" #5. Most of the spring fish I find run between 16 - 24", every now and then I find a giant but then have a sad tail to tell about the one that got away.

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    Default Re: Winter fishing in Alaska

    I think the poster who put up the cockroach thing needs to move on. We have been free of this type of drivel for some time now.

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