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Thread: Winter Fishing

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    Default Winter Fishing

    So I fished a local tailwater yesterday. It stayed below freezing all day, but it was calm. (That's rare out here on the high desert.) The fishery is not know for large fish, but the fish are plentiful, and NATIVE. There has not been a stocking for many years. I felt very proud when I got a few on a little dry midge pattern I tied up. It's overly simple and seems to work!

    I hope there are many of you still finding the water in the middle of winter. It can be very rewarding.

    - I also want to remind everyone to tell someone when you go out and where. This time of year is dangerous.

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    Default Re: Winter Fishing

    Congrats, on the winter fishing! I'm in need of some tailwater fishing and right on about telling someone where you are heading, especially this time of year.


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    Default Re: Winter Fishing

    sounds nice-
    i was considering making the jump over the mountains for some fishing this weekend...
    but looks like the some of the valley streams might be in shape also
    have fun-

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