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    Cool Buying flies in southern Oregon?

    OK, maybe this is a dumb question but where can I buy good "cheap" Flies?

    I have been to Sportsmans Warehouse and got some flies from them $.89 and they work but after a few good strikes from a Brook they seem to go to hell.

    And I stopped at the fishing guide shop in Shady Cove, they have nice flies but at $2.50+ each, That gets a little pricey to decorate trees with along the creeks.

    So how about some suggestions on where to get Flies down here in southern Oregon. Don't tell me to tie em, I don't have the dexterity in my hands to do it. to many years of wrenching and injuries that prevent this. I am still lucky enough to tie flies on the line.

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    Default Re: Buying flies in southern Oregon?

    Take a look at Bighornflies, Eric Beebe ties all of those flies, he is a member here and most of the normal sized stuff goes for a dollar. He won't have a full selection that you might want as he primarily ties for the local shops on the Bighorn River. I can say that I have tried his flies and they do hold up very well.

    Buy Bighorn River Flies for Sale | Bighorn River Fly Fishing Info

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    Default Re: Buying flies in southern Oregon?

    Yeah cheap flies can be, well cheap. There are ways to extend their life a bit though. One is to buy a water based head cement. Fly shops (brick and mortar and online) sell them. You can get a fly tying bodkin or just a needle and put a drop of head cement on the thread wraps just above the hook eye. This can help the fly hold together through more fish. Many of us who tie do this as a matter of course.

    Also be sure products to help your dries float. Gel for the dries before you use them and then the desiccant powder to dry them again once they have gotten water logged. I find many cheaper dries don't float as well but these products can help.
    - William

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    Default Re: Buying flies in southern Oregon?

    thanks for the advice on how to make the cheap ones last longer.

    At 60, I am not quite as, how gentlely can I put this, well the fingers don't work as good as they use to. I still can tie on a #16 hook but it takes some doing.

    I still catch my fair share of little ones and once in a while I will land a good 15" rainbow. I don't even try for bigger ones, my 5wt don't seen any thing bigger then a 6 lb leader.

    Down herer in south west oregon we got a lot of small fish to catch that make it a lot of fun to wade in the creeks like I use to do when I was a kid in Kansas with a cane pole.

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    Default Re: Buying flies in southern Oregon?

    SM, just sent you a PM with the 'People' (actually in Washington State) you want to get to meet. Been a customer for two Decades and in all that time only one 'say what?' Flies were immediately replaced ('Just chuck the other box in the trash.').

    Size 10 flies, why bother when you can 'buy' well done ones for as little as sixty five cents? Yes, yes, yes .. I know you did your own ... but having passed through the "#70" what the hells the point?

    Order up, they're here in a week, and just pull out your 3wt and get on with it.

    PS: Really looking forward to meeting you and finding out where to 'lurk' in the Darkest Reaches of the Upper Rogue. Been feeling like a pile of you know what for the past couple of days, but I'll be there. Folding my laundry and 1/3rd through I had to go take a long nap.

    Time for me to call my 'Doc' and 'Can we talk?' Fellow has an extensive male Sr. Citizen clientele in Ashland. 'We call's, He haul.'

    Interesting to find (by accident) that all Patient files have coloured tabs. If you have a green one: "Can you come in now, the Doctor will see you as soon as you get here."

    We old Shxt's don't go to see our 'Bones' unless its probably beyond where we should have made the call. Longest wait after I got to the Lobby? Maybe 15 minutes before one of his staff was thumping/pumping me for the initial write up.

    Three/Four years ago and he's looking straight at me and "Fred, you are a very intelligent man, but at times your health stupidity stifles my imagination." Few minutes later I'm at the Ashland Hospital with a long list of 'Do this and report back ASAP.'

    Odd part was it was major Vittimine deficiencies based on the blood work.

    Witch (pun intended) reminds me, I didn't take my Vit-Pill this AM.
    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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