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Thread: Attention Oregonians

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    Default Attention Oregonians

    I usually don't double post but I need to know the answer to this cause it's bugging me! I posted in General this question: In the movie "Stand By Me" the kid talks about fishing the Royal River for "Cossies" . Anyone know what a "Cossie" is referring to? Thank you if you do!
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    Default Re: Attention Oregonians

    John: If Fred doesn't see this, send him a PM.


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    Just saw this post up and the term is a new one to me. Will do a bit of research and post up the result.

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    Interesting to do a read up on this. First the name of the 'river' was new to me so I looked up all the rivers/streams in Oregon and, as I thought, there is no 'Royal River' in the State. Nor is there a town of 'Castle Rock.' There is a 'Castle Rock' in SW Washington State, just off of I-5 north of Vancouver, WA.

    With all that in mind, all the names are 'made up' based upon a short novel. Fish name included I suspect.

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