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Thread: Which of these 3 States?

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    I love the UP. I used to live in Kenora, Ontario and I have been all over northern Wisconsin, Minnesota and the UP. Would go back in a heart beat, but the fiance likes the mountains and the west! Add to the fishing, the Jackpine, the Birch, the Fir, the Eagles, the Loons, the Black Bear and everything else, it is a special area!

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    Yeah the upper midwest would work well for him, but his fiance nixed it. I appreciate your position, my wife would want to move back to Chicago, but I've nixed that

    I love Colorado, but it probably isn't for you. Steelhead and Salmon are out for one. There are some runs up from reservoirs but I doubt it is what you are looking for. There are bass, pike, etc. out here. A lot of people fish them in reservoirs (they call them lakes out here but us mid-westerners know the difference), but there are some in rivers. I haven't explored the bass fishing much, though I need to. There was a recent article about pike in the Colorado near Pump House/Gore Canyon. People are worried they will hurt the trout population.

    There are a lot of people too. There are less populated areas. But of course the people come with advantages - amenities for one, but also jobs. Depending on what you do you might need to live near larger population centers. My wife and I both work in hospitals and she needs an academic medical center so larger cities it is. But as larger cities go, Denver is a pretty nice one
    - William

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