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    Default Smith River fishing...

    Thinking the Smith River around Jedediah Smith State Park in Northern California sounds like a beautiful area to go check out next year around this same timeframe(Jan-Mar).

    Can anyone tell me anything about the area?

    Length of floats and access points?

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    Default Re: Smith River fishing...


    The Steelhead running this river are freaking large!!!

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    Default Re: Smith River fishing...

    Hi fyshstykr,

    The Smith as I remember it was a beautiful Steelhead river. I use to drive up from Fresno back in the 50's. I don't remember much about the river and we fished from the shore. The Eel river would be overrun with fishermen but the Smith didn't get much pressure. I do remember big Steelhead and great river side dinners of fresh Steelhead.


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    Default Re: Smith River fishing...

    Hello Frank, Thanks for the response.

    A couple days ago I was shown an article on the Giant Sequoia Trees in "JS- State Park" and seen a driftboat on the Smith River in one of the pics, I guess the river flows through the middle of the park.

    I've decided that I really want to see these giant trees, and the river with those huge steelhead is another positive aspect for making the trip. It looks like Nov-Feb is a great time to go and it goes well with my work schedule that time of year.
    I'm thinking I'm going to learn how to handle a spey rod.

    Frank, have you or anyone else seen these giant trees before?

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    Default Re: Smith River fishing...

    Hi fyshstykr,

    Yes, I have seen the Giant Sequoias many times. The tall trees in the North and the huge big around trees in Sequoia National Park. There are not many places in the California out doors that I have not been to.


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    Default Re: Smith River fishing...

    I can only imagine these tree's as being nothing short of breathtaking, and the surrounding fauna so lush and green.

    This article also mentioned the tree's that were harvested in and around the gold rush of the mid 1800's dwarfing the massive trees of today, Geez what a sight they must have been.

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