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Thread: Yamsi Ranch / Williamson

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    Default Yamsi Ranch / Williamson

    I booked a trip to Yamsi Ranch without knowing too much about it - I won a package deal at a flyfishing club auction. I plan to be up there towards the end of August.

    I've looked at their website, and it sounds like it has several springs that feed the Williamson. Can anyone else give me some advice or tell me what to expect, fishing-wise or ranch-wise? I'm a relative newbie (been fishing almost a year now).

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    Default Re: Yamsi Ranch / Williamson

    Are you locals recommending hoppers?
    ...'cause all I'm hearing is the sound of chirping crickets on this thread!

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    Default Re: Yamsi Ranch / Williamson

    Yikes I saw this post yesterday and didn’t respond because I thought with a forum that sports a membership as high as this one, someone must have more recent experience there than I do.
    In the nineties we ran annual hosted trips up to the Chiloquin area using local guides etc and one of the venues we’d always include was a day on the ranch. On occasion I’d run back up there with groups of friends to do Hyde and the lower Williamson.
    Back then the advertised draw wasn’t so much the upper section of the river, it was Hyde lake and I’d be willing to bet that to this day, many of our clients have no idea that they were on Yamsi Ranch. The ranches name wasn’t synonymous with the target of their trip, they only knew the place as Hyde lake and that it was on a private working ranch.

    At that time the lake had a reputation for big rainbows, ( I think they were Kamloops ), who’d gorge themselves on the abundant damsels and dragons. That lake would get damsel hatches that could creep out all but the most jaded fly guys. During a good hatch you could be covered in emerging damsel nymphs and tenerals, to the point of fouled guides on your rod, hundreds on your limbs, face, hands, tube - if it was above water, they’d use it.

    One of the few fly rods I’ve ever seen blow up in the butt section was there. A fellow on our trip, a blue water angler by choice was using a 690 RPL and tried to stop one of those large bows on a dead run. He kept applying more and more rim pressure to the reel, while the rod bowed well into the grip. Finally with the grip still straining towards the vertical and the rest of rod flat lined straight at the running fish, the butt section let loose about eight inches up from the grip. Not something you see everyday and not something that most bows have the nads to do.

    It was the kind of place where 2X wouldn’t have been to much, where six weights and bows were a good match. The kind of place where you’d run into a world renowned fly fishing photographer trying to get that sloppy big fish with the angler cover shot.
    I don’t know what condition the river or the lake is in today, but back then, all you had to do was mention Hyde lake in a shop and you’d turn some heads.

    That’s all I have to add, with any luck maybe someone whose been there this century will chime in. Dave

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    Default Re: Yamsi Ranch / Williamson

    You will be happy, the Hydes know how to take care of their guest. They have several different adventures that they provide, so the best advice I can give you is to give them a call. One thing is for sure though-you will have a sore arm!
    Nate Bailey

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