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Thread: Planning a fishing trip in Oregon

  1. Default Planning a fishing trip in Oregon


    New member here. I'm planning a bachelor's party/road trip with ~6 guys in first week of August. We're renting a RV and driving up to OR from CA.

    We want to fly fish at least two whole days but due to budget constraints, we can only afford one day of guided fishing. This means we will probably return to the same place the day after the guided trip to try our own luck. We prefer to wade fish instead drift boating. Can anyone suggest a good place to camp and fish?

    Can anyone recommend one day guides for up to 6 people?

    Thank you in advance.


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    My son and I had a great experience with Scott Howell on the North Umpqua in August going after summer steelhead 2 years ago. He did a great job and worked hard to put us on fish. We raised 8 fish on dries, landed one and lost another at our feet. Everyone else we talked to didn't even see a fish. Check him out at

    Ol' Jack

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    if you have the chance try the sandy or deshutes. or i have never tried this but some people manage to fly fish off the banks of the columbia.
    wynoochee or wynoochye?that tis the question

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    what river are you fishing? what do you want to go for? sorry just found your post.

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