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    Default Portland Area in March

    I'm in the Portland area this weekend for work. I brought my switch rod with me. It's been rainy for the past week. So I don't have huge expectations.... but are there Steelhead to be swung to in the general area?

    Are there Winter populations of steelhead in the Deschutes lower river? I tried the lower Sandy around the parks but it's big water and high right now. Very beautiful... but no action. Should I still focus this area regardless of current flows?

    Fred.... I'm sure you have some words of wisdom....


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    Default Re: Portland Area in March

    May have all ready responded to this else where but the Deschutes is your 'target river.' Water flow/rain fall will dictate if you fish high or low. 20'ish miles from the east side of Portland and lots of great beach fishing water on the lower river.

    March is the tail end of the Winter Steelhead fishing in Oregon but the lower parts of rivers will still have fish moving through. As to 'flies' I've found that 'dark pattern's' will out fish any thing else you could bring along to toss. Also thing SMALL!! A size 4 may well be too big; I'm usually top out at a size 6 with 8's and 10's being the norm for me.

    And that's with 2handers, just choose an appropriate rod/line to toss same.

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