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  1. Default Fly fishing in Oregon....

    Hiya all, I'm an East coaster that will be making my way out west for a wedding first week in Sept.

    I'm looking for a few fishing suggestions (rivers or salt) to hook up with some western fish. Never been and totally looking forward to it. Also if you could give me a heads up on what kind of flies I should have with me I will whip them up.

    I'm keen on salt as well as fresh, will be located just outside Portland which is funny as I live not far from Portland, ME

    I don't expect info for free so I would be willing to send flies in exchange for sound suggestions.

    Feel free to PM, Nome

  2. Default Re: Fly fishing in Oregon....

    An update I think my best bets are sandy, clackamas and a few other tribs.

    I'd love to make it to the Rogue or Deschutes, but I don't think that is in the cards for this trip.

    Can anyone recommend a guide?

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    Default Re: Fly fishing in Oregon....

    Hi FlyGal,

    I suggest you contact Kaufmann's Streamborn in Tigard, Or. They can tell you what rivers are fishing good and line you up with a guide. They are all fisherman and know the area well.

    Here is a link to the Oregon fresh water fishing. I think you are going to miss the Summer Steelhead around Portland.


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