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  1. Default Fishing a private lake in Western WA

    I have never been much of a lake fly fisherman, but I was given access recently to a private lake here in Western, WA.

    The lake is a man made and creek fed lake and stocked with smallmouth bass and rainbow trout.

    The first trip out was in a small boat with a buddy who lives on the lake.
    We started out trolling for the rainbows, and ended up casting small lures with spinning rods under the overhanging trees. We did very well with the bass that way.

    So to make it more challenging, I decided to come back with my kick boat and give it a go for the bass using my fly gear.

    The fishing has not been as hot, but the fish I am catching are larger and awesome fighters.

    I am using top water bugs, mainly using the smaller Dahlberg Divers in black or olive. The awesome bonus is that I have managed to land the biggest trout of my fishing career in this lake! Ranging from 13" to a whopping 22" on the same bass flies!

    Usually I have been the only one fishing when I am on the lake and it kind of feels as if I'm a kid fishing in the fish tank at my dentist office! LOL!

    The photos below are 3 trout caught on the Dahlberg Diver fly....from left to right these guys measure 18.5", 16.5" and 14". All the others I have released including the big 22".

    Sorry to drag this out, just wanted to share a bit.

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Congrats on the private fishing time and on those fish. By the way, I think one of those reels is a battenkill- correct? But what reel is that in the first pick?

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    Thanks...I am having fun at this spot...and looking forward to the cooler water coming before season ends. I am sure the action will only heat up. I may try trolling some flies deep to see what's lurking down there!

    Actually, one of those reels is a Lamson large arbor loaded with 6wt and the other is a Loomis loaded with a 5wt line.

    Good fishing!


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    Nicely done, thanks for the story and pictures.

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    wish you had some pics of the lake and water, I may know it. Was it by chance on the Kitsap Peninsula or perhaps in the Skagit Valley?

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    Nice work. Some of my best fishing days were on private lakes and ponds. I took a trip up to the Mukilteo area and landed a 28" rainbow out of this little private pond. It was the biggest trout I've ever landed. I love that area!
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