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  1. Default Spots on Puget Sound, north of Seattle

    How's everyone doing? I recently moved to the Seattle area, north near Edmonds. I have tried (unsuccessfully to date) to catch a few fish offshore in Puget Sound. I have only fished Richmond Beach. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong. If anyone has advice...flies, presentation, other beaches, certain times of the day...? any help would be much appreciated. As far as species, sea-run cutts or salmon are the goal. Thanks in advance! Ben

  2. Default Re: Spots on Puget Sound, North of Seattle

    Hey Ben,

    You are at the perfect jumping off point for some great fishing. There are several parks in your area where you can flyfish. I lived in everett just off of 128th until a year ago, now I am in Austin, tx.

    Just look up the Snohomish county parks along the shoreline of the sound north of Edmonds, parks like Picnic Point, Meadowdale Beach, Kayak Point, and Southwest County Park as well as some of the city parks like the area South of the Mukilteo Ferry landing (Also there is an access point to the north).

    Sea Run Cutts (SRC) can be caught at all of those beaches almost year round although certain times are better. Best flies are small minnow and herring imitators and small shrimp imitators. In the river mouths and estuaries are other great spots and the best fishing is from Kayak point north to the Stillaguamish mouth near Stanwood.

    Get yourself a Washington Gazetter map book and a Washington Recreational map book and look for access points along the lower Stillaguamish and Snohomish systems and you can pretty much use the same flies. As you move up the rivers though (And there are a LOT of access points) switch to the more classic trout flies or salmon/steelhead flies depending on your targets.

    On Hwy 99 in Lynnwood, stop at Teds Sports Center they always have the most recent informatin n what is going on and they are a fantastic fishing shop! As for guides, if you ever decide to hire one, go with Dennis Dickson and his boys. they will teack you everything they know if you can absorb it all. Dennis was a fish biologist for the state for 30 years I believe and knws the sound rivers like no one else. His stories and articles can help a lot as well.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions! I wish I was there this time of the year...

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