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    Default Any nearby fly fishing opportunities near Portland OR. in early July?

    It looks like I will be taking a trip out to Portland around July 5th for a day or two. Is there any decent fly fishing within an hour or so of Portland? If so any details on locations, types of fish, tackle recommendations will be greatly appreciated. BTW I ran a search function and while there was some great discussion about cutthroat, steelhead, etc, it seemed like that was all either a couple of hours away or at other times of the year than my current trip. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Any nearby fly fishing opportunities near Portland OR. in early July?

    Northwest Fly Fishing Outfitters

    I will no longer comment on Portland area fishing opportunities beacause I have strong biased opinions regarding the fishing here. However, the above link will give you some ideas. If you are interested in a guide for a day trip to local waters within an hour of PDX talk to Zach. I'd also be happy to answer any questions via pm. I have no secrets...

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