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  1. Default Portland vs Seattle Fly Fishing

    Hello I might plan an early December trip to one of these towns. Just wondering which would have better fly fishing close by, preferably in a river setting either floating or wade. Also curious what the fish species options might be at that time of the year?

    Any other advice or opinions would be appreciated.

    Thanks Jakeb30

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    Default Re: Portland vs Seattle Fly Fishing

    I live in Portland and In December it's winter steelhead for local fishing. There are two metro area rivers, the Sandy and Clackamas with decent bank access. Or, a guide float trip can be arranged. One could also fish the Tillamook area streams on the coast within an hour and a half of Portland. I'm not too familiar with Seattle rivers but it would be winter steelhead there as well. Puget sound may have some cutthroat trout fishing as well from the beaches. You could call Nortwest Fly Fishing Outfitters in Portland for guide information or pm me for bank access options or any other specific questions you may have about the fishing or Portland in general. But of course, I won't divulge the location of the top secret holes...
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    Default Re: Portland vs Seattle Fly Fishing

    Like Dillon said, it's mostly a winter steelhead show in both towns. Early December is before the majority of fish enter the rivers, but there are always a few fish around by thanksgiving if there has been some rain. Seattle is closer to the salt so you may have a better shot at fresh fish, but it's early either way.

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