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Thread: Alaskan Fly Fishing & Artists ...

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    Hey folks - just wanted to drop in the Alaskan topics and post some information about Blue Fly B&B and Guide Service.

    A long time friend of mine (Patricia Edel) owns the outpost in King Salmon, AK. They just got some great feature time on "Adventure Guides" on the Outdoor Channel. The link below includes some info about the show, as well as a podcast interview with Patty that paints a great picture of life and fishing in Alaska.

    I wrote up a short article: "Is a Fishing Guide an Artist?" - I'd love to get your feedback and comments on the subject.

    Is a Fishing Guide an Artist? Ask Patricia Edel of Blue Fly Guide Services | Artisans of the Valley's Blog Site

    Patty has me and my fiance convinced to take a trip its just a matter of budgeting and timing. We've been getting the tales of the 10lb rainbows and assortments of salmon and char. I don't think I can resist that for much longer ... in the mean time I plan on brushing up on tactics and topics and frequenting sites like this. Honestly I'm a pathetic fly fisherman so I'm going to need some practice in that area as well.

    We're going to start a dedicated blog for Blue Fly and some other Alaskan topics hopefully this summer.
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    Thanks for the info.

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    tonysav: NIce article, thanks for sharing. It looks like Patty has a nice operation and the prices seem reasonable. My only question is that she talks about fishing on the Naknek River, but doesn't mention anything about fly fishing. I've booked guides in Alaska in the past only to find out that their method of fishing for trout is back trolling plugs with a spinning rod, when what I really wanted to do is fly fish.


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    Nice article ,big fish...and charming guide(without a big moustache)

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    I have known Patrica for many years and she is a hoot...far to easy on the eyes , even in waders...and a wonderful fisher woman too. I spent several days in a booth next to her at the Denver ISE show, oh wow... it is more then a few years back now (time moves on) and well, we run into each other in King Salmon as often we do... she runs a nice operation, guiding and her B&B from what I have seen and I have had clients fish the Naknek river with her there in K.S. Alaska But then I should only too her horn so much ... 'chuckle' .. after all the rest of us guides in that part of the world need to eat too.

    Paul Hansen
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    Nice write up....I have had Alaska on my "To Do" list for a long time...


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    She is worth the doing Dan, Alaska has however so many options available that one must carefully look at ones expectations and desires and then find the type of trip that can best and realistically meet those expectations.


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